IDI2016 sponsor: Quint Wellington Redwood Italia

Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm. We are very happy to have them as silver sponsor of IDI2016.

Since their establishment in 1992, the portfolio has been focused on providing consultancy services and training courses aimed at designing and optimizing IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Quint itself does not provide IT services but they deliver their consultancy jobs based on accountability for results.

Quint Wellington Redwood

They focus on Sourcing Advisory, IT Service Management, Lean IT, IT Governance, Benchmarking and Architecture & Security. Open communication, transparency in creating and fulfilling expectations, and the feeling that ‘we’re in this together’ ensure that staff and clients alike feel at home and valued by Quint.

DevOps Agile Skills Association

Quint Wellington Redwood, together with Industry Leaders, announce their commitment to establish the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) with the aim of building a Universal Qualification Program for DevOps.

DASA has been founded as an independent and open platform. These DASA member organizations represent IT thought leadership from both the consulting and training areas in over a dozen countries across six continents. DASA believes that this is only the beginning. DASA is creating an open platform to discuss, develop, challenge, and co-create the baseline for what skills and competencies organizations require today and will need in the future across relevant cultural, philosophical and yet very real movements within IT and IT Interfacing departments within organizations of all types across the world.