IDI2017 main sponsor: Herzum

We are very happy to introduce the main sponsor of IDI2017, Herzum.


Herzum is an international consulting company specializing in IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Software Integration and Agile Software Development IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, Project Consulting & Software Architectures and Software Development and Cosourcing.

Herzum was founded over 10 years ago with a goal of fulfilling a void in a rather unique niche of IT Consulting. They handle projects and organizations from the startup phase to the Fortune 100 level and it is also one of the few Atlassian Platinum Expert and a well-known authority on all the Atlassian software suite of collaboration and development tools.

Meet with company founder Peter Herzum at IDI2017: Peter Herzum is an internationally renowned agile and devops expert, and author of industry-bestseller “Business Component Factory” book. He is a frequent keynote speaker and fluent in English and in Italian.

We are very honored of their presence and support.