LPI sponsorship of IDI2017 and panel with Fabian Thorns

The Linux Professional Institute, LPI for short, will be gold sponsor at this year’s IDI2017. We are very happy to team with this non profit organization, the world’s first and largest vendor-neutral Linux certification body.

Fabian Thorns, Director of Certification Development for LPI, will be present in Bologna on March 10 to take part in a panel that will illustrate and discuss with the audience the Institute’s work on DevOps topics including the results of the DevOps Job Task Analysis.

Linux Professional InstituteSupported by a global affiliate network, LPI is working to raise awareness of the power of open source technologies while helping to ensure IT professionals have the skills required to be competitive in the global workplace. LPI is doing a lot of community research, starting from a study they did almost a year ago to find out how IT / Linux job profiles are changing to a Job Task Analysis which will end soon to determine which tools are actually used to implement DevOps.

Thanks to LPI for their support of #IDI2017.