One month to IDI2018: Pick your workshop

Incontro DevOps Italia 2018 is nearly here: the workshop day is exactly one month away, on Thursday March 8th in Bologna.

Thanks to the efforts of our community and sponsors the IDI community will be able to choose from four different events to spend the day opening IDI2018 (please note tickets are required for each event, separately from the conference ticket).

Glustered 2018 will be a gathering of the user community of Gluster, a free and open source software scalable network filesystem. The tentative schedule will feature a keynote by Niels de Vos, technical talks, user case presentations and community space in both Italian and English.

Build your own serverless glue application using AWS Lambda, presented by XPeppers: they will show you how to leverage AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway to reduce time-to-market and the amount of glue code needed to implement a web application that collect data from various sources and send events notifications to third party services like Slack or Twilio.

The following workshops will be presented in Italian.

Progettare e far evolvere infrastrutture su AWS organizzato da Ideato: un workshop rivolto a sistemisti, cloud architect, it managers che già utilizzano i servizi di AWS e che vogliono approfondire gli aspetti legati al design di infrastrutture resilienti e altamente disponibili. Nella prima parte verranno analizzati i servizi che permettono di raggiungere questo obiettivo, fornendo tecniche avanzate e seguendo best practice consigliate da AWS. Nella seconda parte analizzeremo come aumentare la sicurezza delle infrastrutture AWS utilizzando i servizi base e quelli piu recenti tipicamente meno considerati

Workshop Docker & Kubertenes organizzato da Kiratech.

Thanks to our partners and register now for the event of your choice!

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