Conference program IDI2018

Check slides and video for each session, when available, on the individual talk pages.

Main Room

8:45 Registration

9:30 Conference Welcome

9:45  Krys Buytaert, The return of the dull stack engineer

11:00 Massimo Re Ferrè, Containers at AWS: State of the Union.

11:40 Steve Hetzel, Using Kubernetes/Docker/Helm to Deploy On-Demand PostgreSQL Streaming Replicas

12:20 Mauro Tortonesi, BDMaaS: smart and business-driven autoscaling for large-scale Cloud based IT services

14:15 Filippo Natali,  Big Data storage & processing: introduzione ad Hadoop e il suo ecosistema

15:00 Marco Marongiu, Promise theory: from configuration management to team leadership

15:45 Alessandro Franceschi , Puppet Systems Infrastructure Construction Kit

16:30 Jorge Salamero, 15 Kubernetes failure points you should watch

17:15 Simone Piunno e Paolo De Rosa, Oltre la cortina. Il Cloud nella PA: storie e aneddoti di un sistema in trasformazione

Track “A”

11:00 Giovanni Toraldo, Continuous Delivery: 5 anni dopo

11:40 Claudio Guidi, A Linguistic Approach to Microservices

12:20 Stefano Rago, Enabling continuous deployment of pixel-perfect user interfaces

14:15 Federico Panini, Long life to Vagrant… Vagrant is dead

15:00 Riccardo Capecchi, Serverless does not mean Opsless

15:45 Daniel Depaoli e Giuseppe Cossu, Cinquanta sfumature di Cloud – pratiche di migrazione

16:30 Alessandro Mazzoli e Paolo Palmonari, QNlocal

17:15 Lars Bendix, A fairy tale from the land of Hans Christian Andersen

Track “B”

11:00 Massimiliano Calipari, Dal monolite a microservizi: vi raccontiamo la nostra esperienza Cerved

11:40 Filippo Bosi, Software architecture from Monoliths to Microservices

12:20 Umberto Nicoletti, Fun (and profit) with ZFS and Postgres

14:15 Jacopo Nardiello && Andrea Tosatto, Practical Chaos Engineering

15:00 Andrea Francia, Kata in Bash – #noslides live performance

15:45 Francesco Degrassi, How (not) to build an API

16:30 Matthias Seul, Beyond Real-Time – Protecting Tomorrow. Today.

Track “C”

11:00 Alessandro Ogier & Dario Tranchitella, Change Up: a Jenkins journey towards CI/CD

11:40 Giulio Di Donato, Evoluzione infrastruttura Cloud Native

14:00 Giancarlo Sudano, Azure Containers and Kubernetes Platform

15:00 Alberto Massidda, AWS Lambda: FaaS tricks to manage autoscaling groups

16:00 Paolo Serra, Case study: un Service desk come entry point per il No-Ops

17:00 Giacomo Tirabassi, Kubernetes extensible model explained: CRDs and Operators