Conference Program IDI2016

In this page you can have a quick overview of the full program for IDI2016. On each link you will find an abstract of the session, plus slides and video recording when available.

The program featured a main room for the keynote that got divided into two parallel tracks (“A” and “B”) in order to maximise the number of talks, a workshop room (limited to 30 people). We also organized free Open Spaces to quickly arrange discussions without the constraints of the official program!

The keynote and the sessions of track “A” has been in English. Track “B” and the workshops were up to the speaker (who can choose to give it in Italian or English). The Open Space featured a mix of English and Italian discussions.

Main Room

8:45 Registration

9:30 Conference Welcome

9:40 Keynote by Mark Burgess: Brains, Society, and Semantic Spaces: the future of IT

10:30-10:55 Coffee break

Track “A”

10:55 Containers Live Migration behind the scene

11:35 A modern production stack from cloud deployment to load balancing

12:15 Necessary tooling and monitoring for performance critical applications

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:05 Clusters are not stateless

14:45 HTTP 2.0

15:25 Gluster roadmap, recent improvements and upcoming features

16:00-16:15  Break

16:15 How does Continuous Delivery (and DevOps) look like from “the Ivory Tower”

16:55 Testing infrastructure as code in Chef

17:35 Infrastructure-as-code in the real world: running microservices on AWS with Docker, ECS, and Terraform

Track “B”

10:55 Puppet evolutions

11:35 War Games — flight training for DevOps

12:15 Continuous Delivery

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:05 Agile distributed team, off-shore supplier, different cultures

14:45 How we automated all Devuan development infrastructure using OpenNebula, Chef, GitLab and Jenkins (and Amprolla)

15:25 Continuous Integration: SaaS vs Jenkins in Cloud

16:00-16:15  Break

16:15 Softwarefactory: continuous integration e delivery in stile openstack

16:55 oVirt as virtualization platform to leverage cloud technologies allowing you to have a IAAS / IAC for your Dev-Ops environment

17:35 A developer’s journey into building automated tests for IT from the ground up

Workshop Room

10:55 Advanced Practices of Agile DevOps

14:05 Siete pronti per il DORA? Un Workshop operativo sul DevOps Release Automation

16:05 DevOps @ Cineca

17:05 Bash Only Deployment