Conference Program IDI2017

Welcome to the confirmed program of Incontro DevOps Italia 2017. Please note that until conference day the list of speakers and the arrangement of rooms are subject to late minute changes.

Main Room

8:45 Registration

9:30 Conference Welcome

9:45 Keynote by Stefano Zacchiroli – Software Heritage: DevOps Challenges to Preserve our Software Commons

11:00 Premshree Pillai – Continuous Deployment at Scale

11:40 Ádám Sándor – Kubernetes the easy way

12:20 Lorenzo Fontana – Demystifying Docker networking black magic

14:15 James – Next Generation Config Mgmt: Autonomous systems

15:00 Ben Kochie – The Prometheus Monitoring System

15:45 Marco Marongiu – Improving a mail infrastructure with Configuration Management

16:30 Andrea Tosatto – Test-Driven Infrastructure Development

17:15 Jorge Salamero Sanz – You’re monitoring containers wrong

Track “A”

11:00 Andrea Provaglio – Understanding Agile Leadership

11:40 Michele Bariani – Powered-up CI via Docker containers

12:20 Roberto Franchini – Let’s monitor your DB cluster the DevOps way

14:15 Alessio Coser, Daniel Depaoli – Si fa presto a dire Serverless

15:00 Alessandro Franceschi – Puppet control-repo to the next level

15:45 Antonio Mantuano – Cerved: a journey of innovation from DevOps to Mesos DC/OS (assieme a Damiano Tarantino)

16:30 Steven Borrelli – Converge: a graph-based configuration management system

Track “B”

11:00 Marco Colombo – Infrastructure as code with Terraform

11:40 Simone Tiraboschi – Manage your open datacenter with oVirt and Ansible

12:20 Cesare Navarotto – Digital publishing in the DevOps era: how the Poligrafici Group reengineered its architecture towards an “agile infrastructure”

14:15 Lars Bendix – What do we know about Continuous Delivery – and what would we like to know?

15:00 Riccardo Capecchi – Cloud DB: Pregi e Difetti (assieme a Piermarco Zerbini e Paolo Baire)

15:45 Niels de Vos – Integration of flexible storage with the API of Gluster

16:30 Fabian Thorns – Tavola rotonda: DevOps e certificazioni professionali

Workshop Room

11:00 Fabrizio Tani, Domenico Franzè – Agile DevOps – Advanced Practices

15:15 Giuseppe Bonocore – Openshift Container Platform: PAAS based DevOps in a box

16:15 Giancarlo Sudano – DevOps: Come superare la sindrome di MacGyver