Conference Program IDI2017

Check slides and video for each session, when available, on the individual talk pages.

Main Room

8:45 Registration

9:30 Conference Welcome

9:45 Keynote by Stefano Zacchiroli – Software Heritage: DevOps Challenges to Preserve our Software Commons

11:00 Premshree Pillai – Continuous Deployment at Scale

11:40 Ádám Sándor – Kubernetes the easy way

12:20 Lorenzo Fontana – Demystifying Docker networking black magic

14:15 James (just James) – Next Generation Config Mgmt: Autonomous systems

15:00 Ben Kochie – The Prometheus Monitoring System

15:45 Marco Marongiu – Improving your services, the DevOps way

16:30 Andrea Tosatto – Test-Driven Infrastructure Development

17:15 Alessandro Gallotta – You’re monitoring containers wrong

Track “A”

11:00 Andrea Provaglio – Understanding Agile Leadership

11:40 Michele Bariani – Powered-up CI via Docker containers

12:20 Roberto Franchini – Let’s monitor your DB cluster the DevOps way

14:15 Alessio Coser, Daniel Depaoli – Si fa presto a dire Serverless

15:00 Alessandro Franceschi – Puppet control-repo to the next level

15:45 Antonio Mantuano – Cerved: a journey of innovation from DevOps to Mesos DC/OS (assieme a Damiano Tarantino)

16:30 Steven Borrelli – Converge: a graph-based configuration management system

17:15 Lightning talks

Track “B”

11:00 Marco Colombo – Infrastructure as code with Terraform

11:40 Simone Tiraboschi – Manage your open datacenter with oVirt and Ansible

12:20 Cesare Navarotto – Digital publishing in the DevOps era: how the Poligrafici Group reengineered its architecture towards an “agile infrastructure” (assieme a Gabriele Mearelli)

14:15 Lars Bendix – What do we know about Continuous Delivery – and what would we like to know?

15:00 Riccardo Capecchi – Cloud DB: Pregi e Difetti (assieme a Piermarco Zerbini e Marco Careddu)

15:45 Niels de Vos – Integration of flexible storage with the API of Gluster

16:30 Fabian Thorns – Tavola rotonda: DevOps e certificazioni professionali

Workshop Room

11:00 Fabrizio Tani, Domenico Franzè – Agile DevOps – Advanced Practices

14:15 Manuel Schuller – 5 Things You Need To Know When Selecting a DevOps Release Management Solution

15:15 Giuseppe Bonocore – Openshift Container Platform: PAAS based DevOps in a box

16:15 Giancarlo Sudano – DevOps: Come superare la sindrome di MacGyver