Converge: a graph-based configuration management system

The rise of Cloud and Container based infrastructure presents new challenges for developers and system administrators. In this talk, we’ll discuss the latest trends in systems management and our new configuration management tool called Converge.

We built Converge based on our experience deploying hundreds of Mesos and Kubernetes clusters as part of the Mantl ( project. From a single binary it can deploy complex distributed applications like Kubernetes while being able to scale down to support unattended Raspberry PI configuration.

Converge features a graph-based execution engine, ARM support, bi-directional communications using gRPC, and support for tools like Terraform and Packer.

We’ll discuss:

  • the latest trends in infrastructure deployments (from Cloud providers to Docker and Kubernetes)
  • the lifecycle of managing immutable images and deploying container schedulers
  • an introduction to Directed Graphs and Google’s gRPC (