Gestione avanzata di IaaS, Kubernetes e OpenShift

OpenShift brings the benefits of PaaS to your data center and hybrid cloud but there are several duties left to the operator in order to run the infrastructure continuously, plan for the future, handle unexpected events and proactively identify problems and security issues. Red Hat CloudForms, the proven hybrid cloud management solution, is the perfect tool for the operator who wants all the interesting information of his data centers under control and the ability to automate tedious tasks. In particular CloudForms for containers collects and clearly displays the OpenShift objects making easy to understand and traverse the relationships from the abstract entities to their physical resources, from containers, pods, services to virtual machines, physical hosts, CPUs, memory and disks. Metrics information about pods and nodes can be grouped in multiple forms to identify possible bottlenecks and the most demanding applications; the
same information can be used to generate reports and chargeback information.

This session will cover, among other topics:

  • Containers from the ground up (from kernel to the web UI)
  • Kubernetes and OpenShift basics
  • Overview of IaaS and containers in CloudForms
  • Cross-linking information, metrics and events
  • Deployment
  • Smart State Analysis of Container Images
  • Bare metal container security considerations in comparison with Virtual Machines
  • Clear containers: research in how to add KVM isolation and memory deduplication to containers
  • Date:2016-02-13
  • Time:14:30-15:15
  • Event:DockerOps