Never gonna give you up,never gonna let you down

Designing, building and operating a high performance, high availability system

I’d like to share our experience in building, operating and updating in continuous delivery a customer facing, highly available system serving 200K+ users and tested for 500K+ requests per second, all on our own physical infrastructure.

Main topics

  • PaaS, virtualization, physical infrastructure
    . what matters and what does not when choosing a setup
  • the importance of building high availability in from the start
  • automation as a way to ensure consistency and repeatability
  • challenges in monitoring multiple components for availability
    . overview of tools and platforms
    . the importance of a coherent and comprehensive overview
  • dealing with the unexpected:
    . the importance of a plan
    . responding to change

What makes it valuable

A first hand experience from a crossfunctional team working on an uncommon and challenging endeavour. It touches many complex aspects from both software development and operations and couldn’t have been successful without a devops approach.