Project Bonneville

In common people imaginary dev-land is like “heaven” (yeah sure….) while IT are the bad guys (aka “hell”). Devs and Ops have different metrics to measure success. For the former success is speed and ease of use. For the latter success is control and service levels.

While the trend is for these two teams (and points of view) to come together and deliver an end to end experience that includes the best of both worlds (and none of the bad characteristics), this is going to be a long journey before the application / container centric view of the Devs meets the infrastructure / virtual machine centric view of Ops.

What if there was a <thing> that could look like a container to Devs and like a VM to Ops? Enter Project Bonneville.

In this talk we are going to (technically) describe how project Bonneville can bridge the two worlds by allowing Devs to instantiate Docker containers as they would do in a traditional Docker environment but yet allowing people in hell (aka IT) to manage those containers if they were VMs (thus leveraging their own standard tooling and processes).

The session will be fairly technical, with a demo (as a bonus).


  • Date:2016-02-13
  • Time:10:30-11:15
  • Event:DockerOps