Alberto Massidda

Alberto Massidda

I am a computer engineer with 9 years of experience, specialized in mission critical, high traffic flow, high available architectures and infrastructures, on Linux platforms, with a relevant experience in development and management of web and cloud services.

I posses a variegated bundle of experience, that ranges from devops to machine learning, from the corporate banking to the mutable startup world, as well as a great passion for my profession, that I execute with method and creativity.

I’m interested to the whole lifecycle of a business line, from the inception of the service to the planning and budgeting aspects, stepping by the more technically inclined sides (design, development and monitoring) as well as by those bound to the project managet (like feature tracking, planning flow and emergency reaction).

  • Company:SourceSense
  • Short Bio:Senior DevOps and presale engineer
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