Call for Papers IDI2018

The 6th edition of Incontro DevOps Italia (Italian DevOps Meeting) will take place in Bologna on March 9th, 2018.

We are happy to announce that the Call for Papers for #IDI2018 is now open and after the huge success of the previous editions we have decided to feature keynotes and talks in English to extend our audience and to create a bridge between the Italian and the international DevOps communities. In addition, we will feature a “community track” in Italian with examples and best practises coming from local experiences.


We want to talk about software: how it’s Developed and Operated.

Topics include all aspects of improving IT delivery by eliminating waste through automated business models leveraging cloud technologies. DevOps is a software development method that emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and infrastructure professionals. DevOps fundamentals will bring valuable information to IT professionals who are transforming enterprise IT to deliver solutions to market much faster.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to): DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Cloud, Microservices, Automation, Big Data, Containers, Data Center Operating Systems, Software Operability, IT operating models and how to plan and organise IT Operations. We do not accept promotional presentations of commercial products for breakout sessions. Good case studies with educational value are always welcome.

The CfP is open from September 7th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018: please send a message to and we plan to reply to all submissions by January 22nd, 2018. Good luck!